I walked into the dispensary & walked back out.

Marijuana dispensaries are not some place I care to be in.

My mom called me one afternoon & asked me if I was going to be busy on Wednesday; She knew Wednesday was my morning off, & if he called, he needed a ride some place.

Mom seldom called just to talk. She wasn’t a iphone guy. Years ago, he had to give up driving because he could not see well enough. I didn’t mind driving his around when Mom was at work, but I asked if he would check with me a couple of mornings ahead of time. I didn’t want to make plans if mom was going to need me. She asked if I would take his to the marijuana dispensary to get his pain medicine. I hated the marijuana dispensary. The odor always turns my stomach. The first time I took mom there, I walked into the marijuana dispensary with her, & walked right back out. The odor made me so nauseous that I thought I was going to throw up on the floor. Mom rushed out to make sure I was okay. I told his I was fine, but I could not kneel the odor. This time, he promised I would not need to get out of the car. She put an order in online, & the marijuana dispensary would bring it to the window so my associate and I didn’t have to get out of the car. Mom was always thinking ahead, & this was perfect for me. I didn’t mind that he used medical marijuana, but I just hated going to the marijuana dispensary.



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