I now can have edibles

I also don’t need to renew a cannabis card once a year or go to a doctor

I went to the cannabis dispensary near me the other day. When recreational cannabis was legal in my state I decided to actually enjoy the fact. I know cannabis can be used to treat a whole bunch of medical issues. For me, I just like cannabis to relax and maybe sleep better at night. With a medical weed card you are pigeonholed into a type of cannabis, amount and how potent it is. You get a lot more freedom with recreational weed. I like that I can now enjoy edibles. Did you know it is quite rare to be allowed an edible with a medical weed prescription? Also, if an edible is allowed, it isn’t allowed to be suragary or gummy like. So that means no gummies, gums, hard candies or chocolates. No baked goods for medical weed purposes or any THC infused beverage. How awful is that? Now that my state finally allows recreational pot, I am enjoying the edible world to the fullest. I now take a THC infused skittle every night before bed. I only need to pop a single one and I feel the effects. I feel relaxed, tired and calm. It works just perfectly. A pack of it lasts me more than a month too. My out of pocket cost is just so small for what I get. I also don’t need to renew a cannabis card once a year or go to a doctor. My state changing to recreational weed has really been financially beneficial for me. It also takes less time to get my products too.
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