In the middle of a flood I managed to see my cannabis dealer

Did I ever tell you about the time the whole part flooded & I was trapped in my home for a week? If I didn’t have my little skiff I would have been boned! I skiff is a short, flat-bottomed boat, perfect for fishing in the local creeks & streams, however it turns out that in case of a extreme flood, a skiff is a perfect way to get around town.

I know this sounds stupid, but without that skiff I would have gone the whole time without cannabis, & who knows how bad it would have been! Being trapped inside, surrounded by dark water, is frightening enough, but with no booze & no cannabis it would have driven me insane. My pal Zed lives about a quarter mile from my house, & normally I just walk over there to buy cannabis, zed works as a janitor at the local high university, but makes her real currency by selling marijuana to me, & of course the high university students. I paddled my little skiff up the road, around the corner, & then drifted to Zed’s front door. I tied my skiff to her railing & entered through the second floor window, where I found Zed twisting up a fat joint of OG Kush. Zed charges a lot for her product, but regularly has the premium cannabis strains, then she was going stir silly just like me, so we hung out smoking cannabis until the sunshine started to set. She offered me an fourth of cannabis, & I promised to spend money him back once the floodwaters went away.
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