You cannot be using cannabis behind the wheel of a moving car

It’s not smart to try to use intoxicants when you have to operate heavy machinery.

I saw this play out in a absolutely horrible sort of way at an aged task, however a man was operating a forklift plus it tipped over while he was inside. Instead of getting workers compensation plus having all of his medical bills paid for, he was drug worked on plus he worked on positive for tranquilizers plus opiates… Because of the drugs in his system, he was cleared from any liability from the company! This is the type of mistake that could ruin your life because the injury made it impossible for him to find similar work, plus he was given absolutely no workers compensation or insurance currency to address what happened to him. That’s why I’ve consistently been sensitive about using any kind of intoxicating substances when I know I’m going to be operating every machinery. That involves driving cars. I hate using alcohol or cannabis behind the wheel of a car. It’s all so smart not to get behind the wheel of a car right after using either, and on top of the danger, you can get in a lot of trouble as a medical marijuana patient if you are using cannabis in a car, however you can get your medical marijuana card revoked if you are caught doing this. That’s why I would not risk it even if there was no danger at all from using cannabis while driving. It’s a risky proposition every time you decide to roll the dice. You never know when you know it pulled over for someone related reason.

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