Learning about cannabis before shopping

When my state offered recreational weed, my friends right away went over to the dispensary. For me I don’t like to go into places blind. I wanted to learn about cannabis and what it can do for me. I needed to know what I wanted exactly. I didn’t want to come across dumb. I am actually happy I did some initial research. Before that, I thought my chances were flower form or a pot brownie. There are so several consumption methods with cannabis now, then loose leaf flowers are the most common. You can smoke it via a pipe, bong, bowl or rolling papers. There is also a cannabis oil that can be vaped too. With vaping you aren’t getting any harmful carcinogens in the process because of how boiling it burns! Vaping also requires less time and prep labor before you are off and smoking. Don’t want to smoke? There are more edibles than brownies. Basically any baked superb can have weed in it. There is more than that though. There are chocolates, ice creams, gummies, tablets, mints and mouth sprays. There are even drinks that are milk based or carbonated. You can even go more of a tincture route and have an oil that goes directly under the tongue. Topicals are a cream that is applied directly to the skin. Do you want to get high from a topical? There are patches that can get into the bloodstream to get you high. There are even THC infused bath bombs available. I am happy I narrowed down exactly what I wanted before shopping.


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