I like eating food after I use cannabis

Until recently I had complications with my appetite.

It would be a real struggle for me to try to eat throughout the afternoon because I just did not feel hungry enough.

But this is poor for your metabolism because you need food moving through you to keep it toiling at a proper pace, then part of my concern is all of the caffeine I was consuming at the time. I guess some people who’ve taken stimulants in the past realize how much they reduce hunger, however it’s easy to forget that caffeine is a stimulant just like the other ones. It’ll take away your desire to eat as abruptly as any other consumable stimulant. I have had to cut back on my caffeine use not just because of my lack of appetite however also because of the anxiety it was causing for a while; Caffeine & Dunkin Donuts Coffee can be a sizable Lee detrimental force in your life if you do not exercise caution with consumption, then since I started smoking cannabis, it’s been easier for me to get an appetite & eat properly. I know a lot of people who use medical cannabis talk about getting the munchies or being hungry after smoking pot. But you do not even have to smoke your cannabis to get an appetite from it; Even consuming cannabis oil that has high in THC will provide you the same sort of appetite inducing effects of smoking cannabis flower products. I have to be careful though because sometimes I willoverheat after having a lot of cannabis on a random afternoon. If I don’t slow down, I’ll start gaining weight.

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