Cooking with cannabis

I can remember the afternoons when my buddies would be scraping resin from their pipe because they were out of recreational marijuana. For sure, I too adore some cannabis. But when I was out, I was out. Sure, it was a bummer even though I wasn’t about to smoke a tar ball of resin either. Now, I’d for sure treat every gram of cannabis as though it were gold. However, I drew the line at smoking resin. Back in those afternoons, I also drew the line at making pot brownies. This, to me, was a complete waste of good marijuana. On top of that, I had never tasted a pot brownie that I thought was good. Nor had I certainly gotten all that high from those pot brownies. Of course, that had everything to do with the fact that those pot brownies were made completely wrong. I’m content to say that while I would still draw the line at smoking resin, I’ve done a 180 when it comes to marijuana edibles. Shoot, I make some of the best cannabis edibles that I’ve tasted. That’s not so much bragging as it is just a lucky truth. For some reason, once I learned how to cook respectfully with cannabis, I fell in love with it. My wife taught me everything I need to know about baking. And then we turned to cannabis recipe books and videos when it came to infusing cannabis into those baked goods. The results have been even better than I could have imagined. And a good day for me on the weekend is to get to baking me some new sort of cannabis edible.

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