The vape pen seems to be helping a lot

I was in the Army for 8 years and while in that time I spent over 6 years in combat. I was regularly in fear for my life and I barely slept more than a few hours per night, however when I came back to my residence from the military, my fiance and I had a lot of problems to work out. I had PTSD and I could not sleep too well throughout the night. I was up until 3:00 or 4:00 in the day and then during the day, I was sleeping. I was taking a good amount of meds one day and I ended up on the roof. I fell down and broke my leg. After that the healthcare worker said I needed to try something other than medications. That’s when the healthcare worker was talking about medical marijuana. I started using medical marijuana every single day and it has helped tremendously in a lot of unusual ways! Medical marijuana helps the pain in my leg and the pain that I generally feel from 8 years of active duty. Marijuana also helps me with PTSD troubles that I face regularly. Marijuana helps me sleep great at night so I do not have all these crazy nightmares. Marijuana became part of my everyday life. When I wake up in the day I smoke a bowl and I have a vape pen all day when I am at the office. As soon as I get back to my residence at the end of the day I use my bong to get high. I don’t usually go anywhere unless I can stay well medicated because it makes me feel wonderful. I generally have far less anxiety around people and I’m more friendly in general.

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