The songs quit working and the lights shut off too

The marijuana dispensary near me regularly has some interesting music playing inside of the store.

There’s a fairly long line to wait to see a budtender because they are so busy, but there are cable screens up high like you are in a hobby shop or bar.

There is usually some type of cool looking video or musical talent that is playing on the screen. There are speakers above and the songs are pretty loud most of the time. It’s not so easy to hear unless you are unquestionably close to the person sitting beside you. Sporadically they have sales and specials at the marijuana dispensary near me. Last weekend they had a 30% off sale and it attracted a reasonable amount of visitors. When I went to the store on Thursday, the whole parking lot was filled. I went to the grocery store and came back an hour later and the parking lot was full of people. I waited around for the parking spot that was under a shaded tree. I was aware that I was going to be inside of the place for a while. I was in line for pretty long and I was barely halfway through the line. Suddenly the songs quit and the lights went too. I could hear people talking in the line and I could hear people panicking behind the counter, but no one could see what was going on in the place. Security came into the room and told almost everyone to stay still and remain calm about the power outage. About 30 seconds later, the power was restored and the lights and songs came back on. The unusual and strange story made its way around the whole area, because I heard about it later that night from my sibling and she wasn’t there like I was.

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