The party was a pretty good time to be sure

My lady was hoping that I would go to a party with her over the 4th of July weekend.

  • I was hoping to hang out with some of my good pals and go to the creek.

We were going to take all of our trucks down to go four-wheel driving in the mud. I wasn’t unquestionably interested in spending the 4th of July with a bunch of snobby rich youngsters if I’m being honest, although I was hoping to do what would make my lady happy too. We’ve been dating for quite some time and I have been thinking about asking her to transfer in with me at my residence. I wanted to know that I was totally harsh about our relationship so I agreed to go with her to the party instead of hanging out with my good pals. The party turned out to be a lot more thrilling than I expected. Even though the people were rich and from the other side of the town, they drank beer and smoked marijuana exactly like me. My lady and I found some people to sit with and we started smoking a marijuana blunt that I purchased from a dispensary located ot too far from me. The marijuana blunt was infused with moon rocks. Moon rocks are a wonderful and potent type of marijuana that is made out of live resin, kief, and top shelf marijuana flower. The moon rock blunt was flavored like grapes. It had an unquestionably powerful aroma and almost everyone near me was interested in the marijuana pre-roll that I purchased from the weed shop. One guy asked if he could have the packaging so he could have a look online to find a product like that at a weed shop nearby.
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