The marijuana co-op needs website of our own

My friend Sam and I have been here on the mountain for the past 50 years.

My buddy and I were growing marijuana crops in the hills long before anyone thought of prohibiting the plants.

Even after the federal law prohibited cannabis, my nice friend and I still continued to break the law. When Sam and I had an option to legally become a cannabis farmer, a lot of my neighbors and I chose to do that. Sam and I joined the local co-op. The co-op is an organization or group of cannabis growers, manufacturers, or extraction services that share the same space that helps them minimize costs, co-op pools resources together so Sam and I can grow and distribute cannabis legally to other members of the group. When Sam and I decided to build a website for the co-op, I needed someone to help us. I undoubtedly do not know the first thing about internet SEO however I knew this kid from the neighborhood that recently graduated from school. I asked the kid if he could command more business and he told me about an internet SEO company that specializes in selling cannabis. I contacted the company to see what type of services they offer. They provided help with my SEO, website design, search engine optimization, and spend money per click services. I was so gratified by the meeting I had with the owner of the corporation. The woman was undoubtedly wise about cannabis and all of the unusual types of laws in the state. She was prepared to get started as soon as I was ready to commit. I thought it would be harder to make a committed decision, however I was more than ready to jump in with both feet.

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