My shaking was better when using medical marijuana.

My mother was upset when I told her I had tried medical marijuana.

I had a nervous condition that caused my hands to shake uncontrollably.

Sometimes my husband helped me eat, because I couldn’t hold the spoon or fork still enough to get the food into my mouth. He often joked with me that this was not the way to lose weight, but it didn’t make me feel any better. It just made me realize how much he loved me. When my mom lit into me about using medical marijuana, I told her how my shaking was better when using medical marijuana. I could control my shaking much better. I hadn’t needed help to eat in almost a month. She told me she would have gladly helped feed me, but that wasn’t the point. I wasn’t a child who needed spoon fed. I was an adult who was supposed to eat by myself. I didn’t want the help, but I wanted her to support my decision to help myself. My husband accepted it when I told him I wanted to try medical marijuana, and she had to accept it too. She wasn’t happy and said she would rather I was shaking than using medical marijuana. She told me that until I started thinking more about her than about myself; she didn’t want me in her house. I was always going to put me first, because if I couldn’t be me, I wouldn’t be good for anyone. My husband told me to relax and mom would come around in a couple of weeks. He didn’t know mom as well as I did. She thought marijuana was the devil’s tool, and she would never forgive me.



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