My brother wanted to own a medical marijuana dispensary.

My brother was extremely excited when he came home the other night.

He said he had forgone going to work and spent the night talking to a man who owned a marijuana dispensary.

He had never met someone whose job sounded as interesting as the man’s. When he finally got around to why he was such an interesting man, I was falling to sleep. He told us he had an epiphany and knew what he wanted to do with his life. My father raised an eyebrow, because we had heard this many times in the past. My mom rolled her eyes and I could hear the silent prayer she was saying. My dad asked how much it was going to cost them to bring this new business venture to fruition. Bobby said he wasn’t asking for money, but he was hoping dad would help him get the credit. That’s when he blurted out that he wanted to buy a franchise for a medical marijuana dispensary. Dad could stop his snort, and asked where he was going to get the business acumen needed to own a business. Bobby said the owner was going to give him all the information he needed. Bobby needed to pay for the business owner’s classes and the franchise. He would need to buy the inventory and hire all the people. Dad told him that when the marijuana dispensary was open, he may visit, but he did not want to be the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary. Bobby was so upset that he walked out, swearing someone would believe in him enough to back his marijuana dispensary business venture.

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