I eat a fairly good amount of different stuff when I use recreational marijuana

One of the strange side effects of using medical marijuana is having an increased appetite, which is genuinely one of the reasons why medical marijuana was prescribed to cancer patients years ago.

The increase in appetite helps patients who were going through chemotherapy! Increased appetite is basically something that I easily feel when I use recreational marijuana products.

I do not get high unquestionably frequently these days, although I do want those experiences when my friends and I are hanging out or drinking. I like to get high easily when we are going to the club to go dancing. During the past weekend I went to the club and I smoked a giant blunt with one of my good pals. The marijuana blunt made me feel dizzy at first, but then we got an immense burst of energy. I danced for some time and then we felt dizzy and sick. I needed to eat something sooner than later. I usually eat so much when I use recreational marijuana. I eat lots of unusual types of things! Sporadically I appreciate something salty like popcorn or crackers. Sporadically I entirely like to indulge in eating ice cream and it does not matter if it’s chocolate, vanilla, or raspberry. There are times when I appreciate things that are made of chocolate. Sporadically I also crave fruit. There was a time I ate an entire apricot after I got high. It was one of the first times that I ever smoked weed. The apricot tasted like the most awesome fruit in the entire world when my taste buds were sort of changed by THC and the other cannabinoids inside the Cannabis sativa plant.


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