Bob’s weed smoking lounge

Bob bought himself a small, old mobile home for his property.

  • It wasn’t for a home or a place to live, it was to convert into a tiki lounge for parties.

Bob’s wife was tired of all his friends hanging around the house getting drunk and stoned. Bob got creative and found this old junker. He spent a few weeks renovating it, and removing one whole wall, before unveiling it as our new party spot. Now we could drink booze and smoke cannabis all night long if we wanted, and it wouldn’t bother anyone. Some of the other guys liked to really get wild, and take all kinds of drugs, but not me, all I wanted to do was smoke cannabis and have a few beers. To me cannabis and beer is the perfect combination, like cookies and milk or peanut butter and jelly. The beer relaxes my body, and the cannabis sativa makes my brain come alive, so it’s the perfect combo. Bob also smokes a lot of cannabis, which was the main reason he built this tiki lounge. With one whole wall removed it was an open-air bar area, which meant there was no secondhand smoke and everyone could smoke as much cannabis or tobacco as they wanted. Bob always provided the beer, and usually some liquor too, but it was up to us to provide the cannabis. I felt this was fair, since Bob was hosting the least I could do was bring some extra marijuana to share with him. I think I will go over to Bob’s again tonight.

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