Big fun at the lake with marijuana

I’m always sort of intimidated when we get together with my wife’s family up at their lake house. We are often invited up to the lake for weekends but I never feel comfortable so I’ve been finding reasons not to. And I thought it would also be nice for my wife to enjoy weekends with her family without me around. I take those solo weekends to enjoy the local cannabis cafe. This is one of my most favorite things in the world. This marijuana business is amazing. Not only do they have the best coffee and the most amazing atmosphere, there are some yummy cannabis edibles. I mean, these things are just completely scrumptious. I will have the worst time trying to decide just which cannabis edible to purchase. Of course, I only nibble on the while enjoying the coffee and watching people walk by as I sit outside in the sun. I normally wrap the leftover up and store them in the fridge. So my wife really wanted me to go to the lake last weekend and I said yes. But I also took some leftover pot brownie from the local cannabis cafe. I guess my wife didn’t realize what she was nibbling on and I didn’t catch it until she was a few munches into my leftover pot brownie. Needless to say, she was having the time of her life that weekend. She even shared some with her mom unbeknownst to me. So as we are getting ready to head home on Sunday, her mom came up to whisper something in my ear. She asked me to bring a couple pot brownies the next time I came up to the lake and hugged me so tight for like the first time ever.

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