At first, it wasn’t too easy to deal with the side effects

I honestly was well aware that medical marijuana would be able to help me, although I was worried about smoking pot after all this time. I was 60 years outdated when I decided to try marijuana. Even though I grew up in an era where many people were experimenting with drugs, I was having youngsters and working at my residence. I never went to parties, rock and roll songs festivals, or did drugs like LSD or cocaine. I was horrified when my healthcare worker advocated medical marijuana, but nothing else was helping with the pain that was troubling me. The healthcare worker told me that I should expect some side effects from the use of medical cannabis. He gave me an informational pamphlet that listed all of the unusual types of side effects. Some of the side effects were not a crucial deal like slow reaction times, and improved appetite, and impaired memory and concentration. Other side effects like a potential for rapid heart rate, dizziness, and withdrawal symptoms made me feel somewhat concerned. Even though the healthcare worker told me everything would be okay with cannabis, I was still hesitant to try medical marijuana edibles. I experienced some crazy side effects that were harsh in the start. I felt unquestionably paranoid and I was sick to my stomach. I also felt like I could not concentrate when using cannabis. I kept losing focus and I could not remember what I was doing half of the time. I was also unquestionably tired for most of the time. Some of these side effects have worn off, although I still make sure to use marijuana in a safe environment at my residence.


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