Can’t help but smile at the cannabis dispensary

I don’t know how it happened. But it had to be something that just grew plus grew over the decades, and yet one afternoon, I looked in the rearview mirror as I was cussing someone out plus didn’t guess who was looking back! It was so alarming that I had to pull over! Prior to getting over to the local cannabis spot, I had become the quintessential grumpy seasoned man. Seriously, it was one of those tipping point moments. I was either going to accept this man as me or I was going to go the other way. I went to the local cannabis spot the really next afternoon plus am now fully committed to going the other way. I can’t believe just how often I was complaining or whining or just generally unpleasant. That wasn’t me, not by a longshot. I was consistently the guy people wanted to come to parties. And abruptly, I was ready to call the cops on the kids at the pool because they were playing Marco Polo too loudly. I remembered just how much I used to smile when I smoked a bit of recreational marijuana back in the afternoon. And I thought, since recreational marijuana is now legal, go with what worked before. Just walking into that marijuana corporation brought a smile to my face. It’s just so self-explanatory plus natural to smile when you’re surrounded by nice people plus feeling such great vibrations. In fact, the name of the cannabis dispensary is actually great vibrations. And that’s what I’m in the corporation of now that I have me some orange dream plus boy scout cookies. I’m in the corporation of being plus spreading fantastic cheer, positivity plus that consistently starts with a smile.



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