Amazed by all the cannabis

Going on trip is a giant deal for most of us, and shoot, just having the time to absolutely go on trip is a substantial deal for me.

And if I don’t plan it and mark it down in stone, it just doesn’t happen, and life has a way of complicating just about anything if you are committed to plans.

So my wife and I started planning our last trip nearly 8 months in advance… Cannabis was the focal point of this trip since it was just for us; The kids are now in college and the family trip has morphed into a family Christmas. That’s good with me as things have to change as your kids become their own people. Thankfully, my wife and I just absolutely cherish to be together and share so many of the same passions. The shared passion for marijuana sure had something to do with us ever getting together, then who knows, maybe we would have run across each other in classes or something; But we hung out with mutual friends who also enjoyed recreational marijuan! My friend and I met at one of those parties. So it seemed only fitting that we take our empty nester trip in a region where recreational marijuana is totally legal. My friend and I have medical marijuana here however having complete access to a cannabis dispensary was what we were into; Just the idea of shopping for marijuana drove all our plans for the trip. And that trip ended up surpassing all of our wildest dreams. The cannabis dispensaries that we visited were all so awesome. And we were introduced to so many current cannabis strains that we ended up having to write them down.

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