Using a marijuana oil for anxiety

My father has genuinely terrible anxiety, then it started out just being something that has him slightly nervous to being a full blown problem, and my dad started having trouble driving to work, but he also got genuinely negative plus had really depressive thoughts.

My mother’s solution was to take him to a doctor plus get him on cheerful pills, the doctor made him wait hours in the waiting room plus required a prostate exam. The pills had side effects plus my father never remembered to call them in. He was constantly off his medicine! When it came time to renew the prescription plus go back to the doctor, he flat out refused. I have a recreational marijuana dispensary near me. I have learned about the pros of recreational weed. I talked to the local budtender on what to do, however no prescription or doctor’s visit needed. No exams or money out of pocket. My father was able to walk into the recreational pot shop plus option out what he needed. The budtender got him set up with a vape plus an oil cartridge. The strain has THC plus CBD in it. My father is a apple farmer plus is outside most of his day. It is superb that he can keep the vape around his neck plus take a puff when he needs to. He cares about vaping cannabis oil vs taking a pill. When he needs more, it is an easy stop to get it. I also can option up his products if I need to. It genuinely has been helping him out.

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