He went to court influenced by medical marijuana.

I knew there was something wrong with my ex-bestie, although I could never put a name to it, it took a little prodding to find the right name after his last debacle.

  • The man was stupid.

He didn’t have a bit of common sense in his body, however right after I broke up with him last month, he told me he was going to go out and get drunk. It devastated him. I was splitting up with him, and I would not even give him an explanation… For months, I had been telling him he was drinking too much and using too much marijuana. I knew he had a medical marijuana ID card, although I also knew he wasn’t supposed to be driving while under the influence. The night I broke up with him, he came to the home wreaking of booze and marijuana. I refused to get in the vehicle and told him I was done. I walked back into the home and locked the door, however six weeks later, I saw him on cable. The police had arrested him for reckless driving. They said he was visibly intoxicated and the aroma of alcohol and marijuana was in the car. I got a iPhone call from him while he was in jail. He said he had been using medical marijuana, and the police had it all wrong. I didn’t want to hear about it, although he kept talking, so I hung up. Three mornings later, his mother called me. She said he was using medical marijuana when he walked into the courthouse, and they put him in jail. She thanked me for splitting up with him and hoped this was an excellent lesson for him.

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