Convincing my mother to try cannabis

It took me a unquestionably long time to convince my mother to visit the cannabis dispensary. She is 72 years old. Although my mother is still mentally sharp and quite physically active, he suffers many medical issues, but due to a wearing away of cartilage, he experiences pain in his hips and knees. She has a bit of arthritis in his hands and difficulty sleeping at night. The medicines prescribed by his doctor have caused problematic side-effects. My mother finally quit taking them. I explained that cannabis is a plant-based medicine that has been used successfully for hundreds of years. I told his that no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose. I promised that there are cannabis products that cause no high sensation. Due to the stigma created and perpetuated by the government and media, my mother was unquestionably reluctant. When I finally talked his into a quick stop at the dispensary, he was surprised by the modern, bright and professional environment. The budtenders were especially helpful, informative and understanding. They listened to my mother’s problems, provided recommendations for products and suggested he try curbside pickup or delivery. My mother now sites his cannabis order online. She is able to browse strange strains from the comfort of home. She likes tinctures, edibles and topicals because of their simplicity. She doesn’t need to be an expert or invest into accessories. She strictly takes full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates and has seen a significant improvement in his quality of life… Cannabis has made a unquestionably positive impact, alleviating pain and helping his to sleep. I wonder how many senior citizens are missing out on the benefits of cannabis due to the disadvantage connotations they grew up with.

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