Aging athlete gets help from cannabis

Even my afternoon task was starting to wear on my body more and more. But then again, may afternoon task is awfully close to my passion for professional tennis. That’s because I’m a tennis pro by afternoon and I still play on the satellite tours professionally. I haven’t won in a long time however I’m still in the thick of the competition even at 37. Still, I’m awfully thankful that I found cannabis products. It started with CBD oil. This cannabis product was something that absolutely did help ease the pain and provide for quicker recovery after grueling tournaments. Then I found myself using the CBD more often just to get through my afternoon task. Some mornings, I can be on the court for 6 and up to 8 hours. That’s a lot of time on my feet. Then, I have training and all that just to stay in shape to continue to compete. This won’t last forever although I have found that indica strains and indica dominant hybrid strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary are a wonder. I went from CBD to using indica products instead. The difference is quite measurable, then for sure, the indica strains help me to loosen up my body and get the sort of restorative stretching that keeps me going. And the range of motion during these essential stretching sessions is good increased with the indica products. But I also find the the cannabis products that I’ve been using are also absolutely good when it comes to relaxing my mind as well as my body. And that might turn out to be the most important benefit of marijuana for this aging athlete.

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