The dispensary software is supposed to allow for delivery orders as well

I work at a diner & we’ve been doing a lot of food deliveries since the pandemic. Back then my friend and I couldn’t open the dining room & had to survive on delivery & take-out orders. Surprisingly, my friend and I retained a massive volume of those orders before the pandemic slowed enough where my friend and I could return to in-person seating. I started using a special software made for diners that would integrate delivery orders, option up orders, & in-person seating orders! It was particularly convenient having all of this all in one single piece of software that my friend and I could use as employees, then everything was synchronized exactly the way my friend and I needed it to be! This made it a lot easier for the delivery team to coordinate their deliveries then the delivery drivers that other diners… Cannabis dispensaries are similar to diners & that they deal with walk-in orders, online pickup orders, & delivery orders. They have their own ordering systems & dispensary software to utilize to synchronize all of their orders with the staff; Some of the cannabis dispensaries utilize the same ordering systems & dispensary software, while others have proprietary systems. It costs a lot more currency to pay programmers to create a custom website & online ordering system for your cannabis dispensary. It’s a lot of software & programming that has to go into creating a front end system like that. That’s why some of the cannabis dispensaries will just use the same software that other cannabis dispensaries use.There are a couple of famous software companies that give dispensaries both a website & a point of sale system all in one package.

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