Using cannabis for a better workout

I lead an especially active lifestyle.

  • I devote approximately an hour every day to a dedicated workout where I include high-intensity cardio, strength training plus stretching.

In my free time, I like to hike, cycle, run plus swim. I’ve recently been training for a 5K marathon, however my goal is to improve my time from last year’s race. I’ve found that cannabis is an asset to my exercise regimen plus activities. I always stop by the dispensary every Thursday, chat with the budtenders plus get recommendations. I checkout the monthly deals plus new products, and for energizing effects, I focus on sativas or those hybrids with higher THC to CBD ratios. I don’t necessarily want products with harshly strong THC potency. I appreciate a mild high that energizes plus motivates. Those consumption methods with a quick onset of effects work best. Smoking isn’t ideal because of the need for extra gear, plus the process creates ash plus mess. I often choose a vape pen due to the simplicity of consumption. All I need to do is press a button plus inhale. I can customize dosage to my liking plus requirements. Tinctures also work well. The packaging is super compact plus includes a dropper for simple application. The dropper allows for entirely precise dosing down to the milliliter. All I need to do is venue a few drops under my tongue plus wait a minute for the liquid to be absorbed. The effects set in within minutes. Both the tinctures plus vapes are convenient, discreet plus portable. With familiar storage, tinctures provide an especially long shelf-life.



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