Enjoying the trip to the cannabis dispensary

I can’t wait until the day that I actually have a local cannabis spot.

That will be so lovely.

And I’m just eternally confident that this will indeed happen before too much longer. Our state got ever so close to passing medical marijuana during the last election cycle. And the new medical marijuana bill is even stronger than the last one so I feel like it will pass this time. I have an inflammatory condition that is managed quite beautifully with cannabis products. I’ve tried all the meds and done all the stuff the doctor wanted me to do but the results spoke for themselves. I was just not getting better. At best, I wasn’t getting worse as quickly. That’s when I decided to look into alternative treatments and that led to some cannabis research. I mean, the human race has only been using some form of marijuana for the last 5000 years to treat conditions like mine. So it seemed clear that I needed to get some indica and sativa in my life. That means that I have to pack the car up for a six hour drive to a nearby state that allows for recreational marijuana. I can simply walk right into the cannabis dispensary to get the cannabis products that have been a complete game changer for me. And I make the best out of the trip to the closest marijuana business. There are plenty of other places along the way that I like to check out. So I make three or four day weekend out of my trip to shop for marijuana for sale. I’m just so glad that I have access to the cannabis products that I need.



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