Can’t believe all the marijuana for sale

So I had the completely wrong idea about what to expect from shopping for marijuana for sale. I mean, I actually went shopping for marijuana for sale. And the operative word there is shopping. In my mind, I had the idea that there would be several big canisters with cannabis in it. There might be two or three sativa strains for sale and a few indica strains as well. So when I first went into the local cannabis spot to see the vast array of cannabis products, I thought maybe I’d opened the wrong door. The lighting and the way product was displayed reminded me of the few high end wine and cheese shops that I had been in a few times. But the smell of the cannabis assured me that I was indeed in the correct spot. Oh and what a heavenly aroma that is to be sure. I stood for a few seconds just breathing in the smell of all that wonderful cannabis. It also took me a few seconds to fully get the fact that I was inside a cannabis dispensary. It was such a cool retail experience and I just wasn’t expecting that at all. There were a couple of aisles of just cannabis edibles in that place. From cannabis gummies to old school pot brownies, there was just about anything you wanted in the form of a cannabis edible. It was amazing. I literally spent an hour and a half inside the cannabis dispensary talking to people and seeing new cannabis strains that I had never seen or heard of in my life. It was quite the experience and I’m sure glad that I decided to see what recreational marijuana was all about.

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