I need a great dispensary employee scheduling system.

If I said there were never any mistakes, I would be a liar

I worked for a local fast food store who had a strong management building tool, that was a college for their employers, most of their employers came up through the ranks, starting out as home office employees! Some of the better employers started out working as lobby cleaners and learning every job in the building. When I moved on from that job and applied for a job with the local cannabis dispensary, I was aware of how a management team should work, and that they gave me a job as a employer, when I did not know of the cannabis business, had me distraught; Luckily, I was a floor employer, and all I handled was the employee scheduling system, i simply input all the information for hours needed and the dispensary employee scheduling system did the rest. I had to make changes when someone told me they needed time off, however it was required to provide at least two weeks’ notice, unless there was an emergency. The dispensary employee scheduling system made it easier to see where you needed more employee hours, and where you needed fewer employee hours. I loved working for the cannabis dispensary and using the dispensary employee scheduling system. It worked much like the employee scheduling system I had in the fast food store, and I was in my element with this program. If I said there were never any mistakes, I would be a liar. The dispensary employee scheduling system is a tool, and if not used consistently, there can be sometimes when you don’t have enough people to keep up with the customers. I’ve already had three employees on break ‌because I misjudged the hours when company was busy.

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