Healing up with help from cannabis

I love the fact that I held my ground when it came to getting the cannabis products that I needed to aid my in my recovery.

I’m still healing from a pretty bad car accident I had nearly a year ago. It was bad enough that I ended up on a helicopter being flown to a hospital. Those are the kind of accidents a lot of people don’t walk away from. So I don’t take the fact that I’m super lucky for granted at all. While I was in the hospital, medication was pretty intense because I was broken up pretty bad. But when I got out, the doctors put me on opioid based pain medication that I was not super comfortable with. I noticed within the first couple of weeks that I really was leaning on those pain pills. I ended up talking it over the friend of mine who uses cannabis products to deal with pain. She uses primarily indica dominant hybrid strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary. These cannabis products help her with inflammation and allow for a much greater range of motion. I talked this over with my doctor who was initially against going off the opioid medication. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I was starting to feel dependent on those meds. So he gave me his blessing to go to the local cannabis spot in order to get the indica strains for sale that will help me the most. I have to say, after just a short time using these cannabis products, my physical therapy is better and I’m getting more from it.

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