Cannabis dispensary changes hands

I’m so impressed with the renovations and new management at the local cannabis spot.

To be honest, I never really wanted to judge or measure because I was just so happy to be able to purchase cannabis legally.

But the local cannabis spot was just not all that. Again, there was marijuana for sale there so I was fully stoked for whatever. But the selection wasn’t all that and it seemed like the folks running the place really didn’t know much about cannabis products. I’m no expert but I definitely saw some hybrid strains for sale that were mislabeled as sativa strains. Even with my limited knowledge, I knew that particular hybrid strain was ninety percent indica. That cannabis dispensary was also just not very inviting at all. It was sort of poorly lit and nothing like CBD oil, cannabis oil pens or even many cannabis edibles were available. It was really disappointing in a way. Yet, I was just glad that one of my favorite hybrid strains, orange kush, was always in stock. So I guess I wasn’t surprise when a new company took over the local cannabis dispensary when the other marijuana business fizzled. The new company sunk some capital into the place and it shows. But it’s the array of cannabis products that initially stuns a person. There’s just so much marijuana for sale. Plus the folks working there are into cannabis as a passion and it shows. I’ve learned so much since these folks came to this end of town. It’s so awesome to welcome them.