The day turned into a cannabis party

I was shocked beyond words when the Tupperware sales party turned into a pot smoking party, despite the fact that I was cheerful to go with the flow, then i am pretty current to this neighborhood, plus when Shelly invited myself and others to her Tupperware party I accepted, despite the fact that I wasn’t interested in buying any Tupperware.

It turns out that Shelly holds these partys once a month or so.

It’s really more an excuse to drink wine plus smoke cannabis than anything else. It gave all the women a opportunity to escape their spouses plus children for a few minutes plus let their hair down. I came to find out that most of these women only purchased Tupperware to have a secure locale to store their cannabis, however as a side note, I must agree that Tupperware or any sealing home office containers are the best way to keep your cannabis fresh for a long time, however shelly has a area time task at the local cannabis dispensary, despite the fact that I didn’t know she made it area of her lifestyle. It turns out that every lady on the block enjoyed the sweet smoke of cannabis on a respected basis! The partys were a great way to have fun plus get stoned together, but everyone came with their own containers of cannabis. I had to apologize because I was the only a single there who didn’t have cannabis to contribute to the group, however no a single cared, plus everyone was cheerful to share their cannabis with me. Next time I will come prepared, plus bring some cannabis edibles to the party.
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