The Karen was trying to get me into trouble

My friends and I all go to the same fitness center.

The place is a couple of blocks away from my apartment. There is a fitness center at my apartment building, but the machines are rundown and half of them don’t work. Even the treadmill is junky. It won’t even go past the fourth setting which is a brisk jog. When the fitness center had a special on memberships, my friends and I all agreed to pay the fees and join. We usually go to the fitness center in the morning. The place is open 24 hours a day. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to join this specific place. I was also happy that it happened to be very close to my apartment. Before my friends and I went into the fitness center one day last week, we had a recreational marijuana joint outside of the parking lot. Technically, it is illegal to smoke marijuana anywhere except in a private residence. We weren’t exactly breaking the law and there weren’t a lot of people around. There was a lady who saw my friends and I finish up the joint. I saw her wagging her finger at me and shaking her head. She walked into the fitness center ahead of us. When Jack and I walked up to the front desk, the manager told us that the lady tried to report us for using marijuana in the parking lot. The Karen was trying to get me into trouble, but the manager on duty that morning was my girlfriend.
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