The client wasn't at his house when I arrived

Delivery services at the marijuana dispensary are only for the next morning unless the order is placed before 9:00 in the morning; and at 10:00 in the morning, all of our drivers leave the building with the deliveries for the morning… However, once they are gone, they cannot return to the store until all deliveries are made, the drivers do not carry extra product in their vehicles for safety reasons.

Once a weed client places an order, they cannot add anything to the order unless they called the store before 9:00 a.m.

A client called to place a delivery repair order a few mornings ago plus they did not want the order to be delivered until this morning; I was the driver assigned to the order. It was truly unusual for the client to call for delivery a few mornings ahead of time; however it wasn’t totally unheard of. I felt the order before leaving the marijuana dispensary plus drove out to the address. It was a short many or many mile drive. I was driving on the interstate almost the whole time, so I arrived at the destination rather abruptly. The client wasn’t at the house when I arrived. The delivery was tied up for 11:00 in the morning plus it was about 10:45 when I arrived. I waited about 15 or 20 minutes down the street plus then I went back to the address. The client was at the house this time. I did not even bother mentioning the fact that I was there 20 minutes earlier. The woman seemed truly gleeful that I was on time; then she actually gave myself and others a truly wonderful tip.
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