I lived across the road from the marijuana store.

It’s funny how I lived across the street from the marijuana store, but I had never gone inside, there was just something that told me it wasn’t the right location to go, then my best friend came over to visit plus realized where I was located.

  • The first thing she wanted to do was go to the marijuana store plus make a purchase.

I had never used marijuana, but our friend had, however she told me that after her long trip to visit me; she needed to relax. She didn’t assume there was anything better than marijuana to help you relax. She asked if I wanted to walk over to the marijuana store with him, or if I was just going to sit here plus watch people go in plus out. I laughed plus said I would go with him. It amazed me at all the things they had in a marijuana store. I thought it would all be marijuana products, but there was a lot of marijuana paraphernalia on sale. They had pipes that were so intricately designed that they were more savor art than for smoking marijuana. My friend said she brought her own pipe along, plus all she wanted was the marijuana leaf. Maybe I’ll visit the marijuana store by myself in the future, plus maybe I won’t. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money during the marijuana store with our friend, so the art déco marijuana pipes would need to wait until after I got paid, being a bus driver, it wouldn’t pay for me to be caught at a marijuana store in the middle of a work week.

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