I don't like the smell of marijuana

I honestly have no problem with people that use recreational or medical marijuana, but I absolutely don’t like the smell.

  • It irritates my throat and my nostrils and makes me sneeze.

I can tell when someone has been smoking marijuana around me, because it has a very distinctive and foul odor. My new neighbor is a person that uses recreational or medical marijuana. The guy sits outside on the balcony of his apartment and smokes weed all day long. I honestly don’t know how this guy gets anything done. He probably smokes as much weed as Snoop dogg. When I go outside on my porch, all I can smell is marijuana. I tried to say something to that manager of the apartment building, but she told me that the guy pays rent for the whole space and he is entitled to use it. If the smell of marijuana bothers me, I have to go inside. I don’t understand how he can use his space if it infringes on my right to use my space, but the rent here is cheap so I don’t want to cause a bunch of problems. The smell of marijuana still lingers inside of my apartment even if I have the doors closed all day. I had to buy one of those fancy air cleaning machines from the heating and AC provider. It wasn’t cheap either, but I can say that it absolutely works. When I run the air cleaning machine I can hardly smell marijuana at all inside of my apartment even if the neighbor is outside smoking on the porch.
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