I care about when the prices include taxes

It’s easier to order from the marijuana dispensary when all of the prices include taxes… Taxes on marijuana are honestly quite lavish… You have to pay numerous sales taxes on the product.

There is a state tax, city tax, & an excise tax, then all of these taxes total around 35% in most areas around the state! When I am trying to purchase marijuana products, it’s tough to figure out 35% sales tax on something that is $28; If I had a calculator it would be easier & if I didn’t smoke as much marijuana it would really be easier too… Still, it’s much easier to shop when I can see the prices of the products including the taxes.

A current marijuana dispensary near myself and others opened up in the fall & all of their products are shown with the taxes included. The arena has a huge selection of cannabis flower & concentrates. I was so delighted to get a current arena & current products, although I also care about the fact that they include the price plus tax. In the store, every item & the price is clearly featured. They also include the taxes on all of the products on their website. I can shop around for concentrates, dried marijuana flower, edibles, & tinctures & I’m not going to be surprised at the end of my shopping by $100 in extra taxes that I was not expecting. I know that it makes the product price a little bit higher when you include taxes, however there are numerous other consumers just care about myself and others that would rather see the total price.

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