Culture shock when it comes to whole home heating

At least there were some energy-saving tips but mostly on lighting.

Moving to a different country brings all manner of culture shocks. My partner, our daughter, and I took a chance and moved to another part of the world where the weather was very different. I remember a few months before we moved; I did a thorough internet search on every heating business in that place that I could find online, such as how much they charged for heater maintenance. I also looked at the new heating equipment that the heating industry offers. When we moved, I was shocked to realize other than companies, factories, and very few significant buildings, the rest of the people did not have any whole-home heating systems. heating dealers were not well known among the locals simply because they did not need a heat pump installation in their homes, and most needed to learn what a heat pump was. A small percentage had a boiler system for their hot water needs, and that was all. One or two people, mainly the new young mothers, had a portable space heater. Being an HVAC professional was less of a successful venture compared to where we lived. My new neighbor needed to learn what a smart thermostat was, and we learned more about heating than most people we later associated with. At least there were some energy-saving tips but mostly on lighting. When we first moved, we thought of installing hydronic heating for the floor since our son was always lying on the cold tiles and also for quality heating, but after some time, we saw it as an unnecessary expense and bought rugs instead. The upside was that we would no longer have to call the heating company for repair. We might never even need a heating technician to help with indoor comfort. There was no need for a whole home heating system.

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