A noisy heat pump on a day off work

I was seated on my bed, going through my socials.

It had been such a cold day, and there was even a snowstorm. The snowstorm caused a lot of facilities like schools and other businesses to close down for a few days. For this reason, I was home and not at the office. It had been a slow morning because I was used to rushing out of the house every morning to beat traffic. With the smart thermostat set and a cup of hot chocolate, I sat on my bed, wrapped up in my favorite quilt. I was on my phone until I drifted off to sleep. A fire truck passing outside my apartment woke me up. After the sirens died down, I could hear another unusual sound. On further investigations, I discovered that it was the heat pump. If I had known more about heating, I could have figured out what was wrong. Fortunately, when I called the heating company, they told me a team of HVAC professionals was finishing a job on my block and would pass by to check my heat pump installation. Despite the noise, the whole home heating system was doing an excellent job of warming the house. It was reasonably new heating equipment. The sound was so loud I could hear it from any part of my apartment. There was no way I could get any sleep in the evening. The heating technician arrived early afternoon and started on the heater maintenance. The heating business team needed a few things from the commercial heating dealer for the repair. I had a different AC filter, and now I wanted another type to see if it would have a difference in the air quality and help with indoor comfort. After the heating industry expert fixed the equipment and ductwork, the noise disappeared.

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