The marijuana caused me to vomit.

I had never used marijuana until I got the medical marijuana card.

Let me tell you, I did not expect medical marijuana to be the same as street marijuana.

I imagined it to be milder and have no effect on the body except on the reason for getting the marijuana ID card. When my pain management doctor suggested I try medical marijuana, I was hesitant. I had once tried marijuana, and it caused me to vomit. My brother thought it was hilarious how I coughed so hard that I felt like I had bees stinging my entire body. I was choking, and the next thing I knew, I was vomiting all over myself and the others sitting around me. They were high and could only laugh, but I was embarrassed. I swore I would never try marijuana again, but here I was with a medical marijuana ID card and going into a dispensary where I could buy legal mairjuana. I asked the person at the counter, whom they told me was a budtender, if this was going to make me nauseous. He looked at me oddly, then said he had never heard of marijuana making anyone nauseous unless they took too big a hit the first time they tried it. I told him of my first experience, and he simply told me I was getting medical marijuana today and I needed to use it the way the pharmacist instructed. I shouldn’t use too much or too often. I took my purchase home, praying that when I used the medical marijuana, I wouldn’t vomit or do anything else that would embarrass me.


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