The local dispensary is really short on sativa strains

I hate it when the local grocery store is short on fresh meat.

It started to happen during the pandemic when there were a lot of supply line shortages.

However, these problems have never gotten better in the time since. I realize there are still supplying shortages, but there are also other factors leading to meat shortages. Sometimes there will be a bacteria outbreak in a meat packaging plant and it will cause a lot of products to get thrown in the garbage. That actually tends to happen in marijuana cultivation facilities as well. If a batch of cannabis plants ends up getting bud rot or mold, they will have to throw out the batch because it won’t pass compliance testing at a lab. On top of that, sativa strains are harder to grow than Indica strains. They take longer to flower, they’re more fragile, and you don’t get as high of a yield from the plants when they are harvested. I prefer sativa strains and it’s hard for me when I go to the dispensary and they’re so low on sativa strains. The sativa strains of cannabis help me get through my work day in a way that the indica and hybrid strains can’t. Hopefully my local cannabis dispensaries will get more sativa strain soon. I’ve gone to multiple different dispensaries and they all seem to have issues stocking sativa strains. And some of the Cannabis cultivation centers have lost crops in the last 6 months due to hurricanes and other weather factors. There isn’t a ton of incentive for the cannabis companies to grow sativa strains if they make less money on them.
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