I wasn’t sure if PPC work was right for a cannabis store.

I was helping a current franchisee open her cannabis store, i knew we needed SEO for her website, & we needed to do some advertising before the cannabis store opened, and she asked if she should hire a PPC dealer.

I wasn’t sure if the PPC was going to be right for a cannabis store, then pPC worked well for some businesses, however a cannabis store got a lot of business without all the advertising, however once someone found out there was a cannabis store in the area, people would gravitate & others would follow.

I could not see him starting a current business & paying whenever someone clicked on her website just out of curious, and ninety percent of people clicked on the website out of curiosity without entirely caring to make a purchase or go to the store; We talked about PPC & hiring a business who could do PPC for quite some time, but the soon-to-be owner finally agreed with me. She said there were so several ways to let people think there was a current cannabis store in the section that she didn’t think the PPC was necessary. She wanted to do some social media management, but she was going to talk to a digital SEO business & let them do it for him. She already had someone laboring on her website, so I asked why she didn’t talk to them about PPC & social media management. She said she never thought about it. This current cannabis store owner had a lot to learn about cannabis, & how to run a business if she was going to be successful.



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