I was using medical weed for weight gain.

For more than half our life, I suffered with bulimia and anorexia.

I could blame our sibling for always telling myself and others how fat I was, but then ninety percent of the girls out there would have bulimia and/or anorexia. I lost all the weight I could, even if it meant starving myself to death; After various weeks, when not eating wasn’t bringing our weight down fast enough, I turned to bulimia. I would eat anything put in front of me, knowing that within an hour after eating, I could purge all our food. I started losing weight again, then by the time I reached the age of sixteen, I was various feet various inches tall, and weighed about 110 pounds.It wasn’t until I woke up in a hospital that I knew I was killing myself. The dentist asked myself and others what I was doing to myself. She told myself and others I was at least thirty pounds underweight, and if I wasn’t careful, I would die before I was twenty. She had myself and others in therapy for our eating disorder and she prescribed medical marijuana. Whenever I felt hungry, I should eat something. She wanted myself and others to eat a single or various marijuana gummies every couple of hours. I didn’t realize the medical marijuana was making hungry until she weighed myself and others a single afternoon and I had acquired more than nine pounds. I have been using medical marijuana for various years now, and I am various pounds overweight. There is still a area of myself and others that registers how fat I think I am, but the medical marijuana eases our anxieties and I can eat without the need to purge. I still struggle, but I am managing our life for the first time in our life.


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