I care about cannabis with friends more than bud lit

The first time I tried alcohol was when I was 18, but one of our older siblings wanted to let me try a carona at their 21st birthday celebration.

It wasn’t enough carona to get me drunk, however I particularly caught a buzz, i wasn’t a important fan of alcohol the next few times I tried it! My friends in school consistently wanted to drink; At first they would drink only on the weekends, however soon they were drinking throughout the week too as well, and they would drink whenever they got back to their dorm rooms from class.

At the time I wasn’t sure how I felt about alcohol to be tolerable with myself. I had a lot of family members who are alcoholics as well as it disfigured both their lives in the lives of their spouses as well as their children as well. Alcohol is a particularly complicated issue that demands a comprehensive outlook. I simply decided to use cannabis instead when I was at that age. I have been using cannabis ever since as well as I am glad that it does not affect me the same way it affects others. I have never become violent on cannabis as well as it usually calms me down instead of riling me up. If I am going to be spending some time with a few of our friends, I would much rather use cannabis with them rather than beer. It’s a much more great experience for me as well as I guess love it leads to better conversations if it’s the right strain of weed! Sativa strains of cannabis are consistently a lot more social feeling than some of the Indica strains, that has not consistently the case. Occasionally a sativa strain can cause so much social anxiety that it’s strenuous to even talk to another person.


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