The Cannabis delivery repair isn'tprompt with their delivery windows

The only advantage of ordering a pizza instead of picking it up is not having to get in the vehicle and also being able to select the identifiable delivery window.

It costs more currency to order a pizza than picking 1 up, however sometimes the extra cost is worth the convenience.

But if you told me that I would have to gamble on when I would get my pizza while also paying the fee, I entirely would stop ordering pizzas all together. This is the problem I have with some delivery services. It’s particularly exhausting when I try to order groceries from 1 of the biggest grocery stores in the entire country. I have made orders for $40 worth of groceries and then the delivery driver takes it to a different person’s house. They weren’t even double checking that the number on the door matched the address on the order. It was a major frustration and I eventually offered up ordering groceries in that manner. The Cannabis delivery services aren’t that much better in this state… Most of the cannabis dispensaries statewide offer some kind of delivery service, but usually you have to order at least $100 or $200 worth of products to get free delivery, or there has a $15 delivery fee, and sometimes the Cannabis delivery drivers are late or miss their delivery windows altogether. If I’m going to buy this many marijuana products from a dispensary, I should have fantastic services when I want to get a delivery. I miss the afternoons where there were cannabis dispensaries that would do free delivery for any size order. That was a absolutely nice luxury, however most cannabis dispensaries won’t do that anymore.

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