Smoking cannabis and enjoying myself

Like the song says, the freaks come out at night! Once upon a time I was a single of those freaks! These mornings I am middle-aged plus lazy! I love to stay inside at night, smoking dope plus seeing old movies with our girlfriend.

I am satisfied with our life, plus have no need to go out at night to celebration.

I have also completely changed our labor schedule to exclusively handle the morning shifts at the cannabis dispensary. Many of the employees are young plus have a nightlife, so they prefer to sleep in late plus then cover the night shift. Most mornings I labor alone in the cannabis dispensary, which is perfectly OK by me! On the morning shift, most of our cannabis buyers are senior citizens, retirees, plus soccer moms, but do you guess how much marijuana these soccer moms smoke? You would be amazed! Many of our morning-shift regulars come straight to the cannabis dispensary after dropping their little kids off at school. I thought it was peculiar at first, because multiple of these soccer moms only buy a single pre-roll, or a single cannabis edible. I constantly stock up plus get an ounce or multiple of a high-end cannabis strain, and these women prefer to buy a single morning worth of cannabis at a time. I came to realize they did this because they all like the social aspect of going to see the cannabis dispensary. They stop by for a few minutes a morning, chat with their soccer Dad friends, plus buy just enough marijuana to get high for the morning.

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