The marijuana dispensary was closed for the holiday.

I thought the medical marijuana dispensary was open every day of the week.

I didn’t know they would close for all the holidays.

I understood them being closed on Christmas and some other holidays, but this was a little known holiday that I never heard of. I called the marijuana dispensary and told them I always picked up my medical marijuana on a Monday. The budtender apologized and said it was one of the holidays they celebrated, and I would need to pick up my medical marijuana on a different day. I wasn’t happy with what she said, but other than finding another medical marijuana dispensary, I would need to drop by on a different day. The following day, I was on my way home from work, and I stopped at the medical marijuana dispensary again. I showed my medical marijuana ID card and went inside. I asked if I could pick up my order. This time, the computers were down, and they couldn’t access my order. I had to give them my order, and wait for the marijuana products to be gathered before I could pay for the items. When they brought my marijuana products to the counter and rang them up, the price had me in shock. I asked what happened to the discounts I was to get? He told me they were online ordering only discounts. I reminded him I had put my medical marijuana order online, but it was their computers that were down, and not mine. I had to show him my online order, which I had printed out, before I could get my medical marijuana. I was looking for a new dispensary.
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