Talking my mother into visiting the dispensary

It took a lot of convincing to finally get my mother to visit the local cannabis dispensary.

With recreational weed legalized in my state, she didn’t need a recommendation from her doctor.

All it takes is a valid government issued identification to access a wide variety of cannabis products. However, I spent over a year trying to change my mother’s mind about cannabis as a medicinal remedy. She was raised during a time when marijuana was considered a gateway drug only used by criminals. I read research reports, news articles and blogs to my mother supporting my claims that cannabis is a safe and effective medicine. Initially, she didn’t believe me that it’s impossible to overdose from consuming marijuana. She also wasn’t convinced that she could consume marijuana without getting high. I strictly wanted her to try CBD products to help with her issues of arthritis, bone spurs and general pain, stiffness and inflammation. My mother is eighty-one years old and still mentally sharp and very active. She has taken a variety of prescription medications that have caused some distressing side-effects. When she finally agreed to just browsing options at the dispensary, she totally changed her mind. My mother was surprised by the professional facility and securely packaged and labeled products. She consulted with a budtender who was wonderfully friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Trying out gummies and tinctures has made such a huge improvement in her quality of life. She also learned that she can check out the full product list online, place an order and choose curbside pickup. She doesn’t even need to step out of her car.

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