How often can I purchase medical cannabis?

After I got my medical marijuana ID card, I was anxious to go to the medical marijuana dispensary.

I talked to the pharmacist they had on duty, and she recommended several products she thought would help me.

I took them home, but after a week, I had seen no reaction to any of the marijuana products. The following week, I took the remainder of the products back and told them they didn’t make a single difference. I told her the pain was still out of control, and I needed something to help ease the pain immediately. She recommended a cream that I could rub in and would work within minutes. I bought marijuana cream, and another marijuana product. I was feeling somewhat better, but not as well as I wished. I called the medical marijuana dispensary and asked how often I can make a purchase. They told me I could come in every day as long as I could afford to do so. I wanted a medical marijuana product that was a little stronger than I had already purchased. I was getting some relief from the cream and the other marijuana product, but it wasn’t helping me to get sleep. We added one more marijuana product to my list of medical marijuana products. I finally found a medical marijuana mix that was helping me to do things at home, and sleep and night. I’m glad my medical marijuana trial and error period is over. I couldn’t afford to continue with this constant medical marijuana trial before going broke, and being back to have constant chronic pain.

Medical Marijuana Doctor