Can’t get enough cannabis edibles

It’s so great to be able to be free of the stigma that came with using cannabis.

Finally, I can use cannabis products in peace and legally.

That was something that I wasn’t so sure would happen in my life time. But here I am in my sixties and I have access to marijuana. Initially, I was able to access a cannabis dispensary for medical marijuana. I have an inflammatory condition that qualified me for medical marijuana when it was first legalized. However these days, all I have to do is walk into the local cannabis spot to get the cannabis products I need. There is no more need for a medical marijuana card now that recreational marijuana is legal. I have always leaned more toward the flower type cannabis products. But my wife really hates the smell and the smoking part has become less appealing. So now, I’m primarily enjoying cannabis edibles. This evolution in cannabis products is much better than what it was back in my day. We tried making pot brownies only to have them be inedible. Of course, we choked them down as we had invested our precious weed in those pot brownies. Yet, we were stupid and wasted all that good weed. So being able to enjoy a cannabis gummy or maybe a cookie is awesome. And every now and again, the local cannabis spot will have some of the best pot brownies I’ve every tasted in my life. I’m sure glad I lived to enjoy tasty cannabis edibles and do it legally.


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