Getting my mother some medical cannabis

My mother had been against cannabis for a long time. She has arthritis in her fingers and it gets tough on her. She had to cut off all her rings, including her engagement ring. She also struggles to pick up things and make a fist. She was eating gin soaked raisins like they were going out of style. It helped the cramping, but didn’t fix it totally. I found online that medical weed would fix her right up. My mother said no. Later on she started complaining about sleep. As a woman ages she has trouble sleeping. Her menopausal symptoms were keeping her up. I found that medical cannabis can reduce the amount and severity of hot flashes. It also can calm the mind and body to help you sleep. My mother was still against it. Then she started talking about having muscle soreness after her workouts. What do you know, a topical could really fix that right up. After pushing medical cannabis over and over again, I got her to cave. I think she thought we would meet up with a shady dealer and slip him cash. The medical weed industry is so much better than that. My mother was prescribed by a doctor and the medical marijuana dispensary was very modern and clean. The budtender was knowledgable and the products were ecleary labeled. My mother now uses a cannabis cream for her arthritis and muscle pain. She uses a tincture in order to sleep at night and reduce her menopause trouble. It was a good experience for her.

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